About Alan

Pushing pixels and scribbling ideas.

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My name is Alan Offord, a pixel-pushing, problem-solving, sometime-writer, always-designing, male based in Norwich, UK.

After graduating with a First Class Degree in Graphic Design from the Maidstone campus of the University College of the Creative Arts, I spent a year doing freelance work and internships at the likes of Coley Porter Bell, Soup and Digitas London, amongst others. I landed a job as a Junior Designer at Soak Digital and after two great years moved on to Loveurope to work as a Digital Designer. After another two years I was lucky enough to get a job with Brilliant Basics, where I’m currently Senior Associate Designer.

I’m dangerously obsessed with all things digital and I’m constantly thinking about the way the Internet is changing the world around us. I’ve also got a deep love for a well kerned headline and a soft spot for screen-printing.

When I’m not doin’ interfaces I’m often found growing a beard, playing video games or guitar twiddling.


About this site

This website is built on WordPress using the mighty Bones theme as a base. I’ve used numerous handy code snippets from all over the place (God bless open source, something I’ll hopefully contribute to in time). These include:

Bones WordPress Theme by Eddie Machado

Animate.css by Daniel Eden

Elusive icon font set by Aristeides Stathopoulos

I consider this site to be a constant tinkering playground so if you notice anything a bit skew-wiff or just plain wrong, I’d really appreciate hearing from you. Get me on the links below.