Thoughts on this and that

Did I mention I once wrote some articles for CreativePool? True story.

The lazy creative

When I moved to London, the first job I had was for an advertising production house, where I was briefly seconded to a big ad agency, sent to support some last minute client requests (are there any other kind in the ad world?). The experience confirmed for me two things; that advertising is not the industry for me, and that so-called “creatives” are the laziest people in existence.

From apps to services, interface layers and the future design

Digital interfaces have followed a downward slope towards removing all the friction between the user and the content they want, and each generation has been a stop-gap technology until we’re able to trump it with the next, simpler, more-intuitive interaction. But as inputs become more invisible where does this leave designers?

Designing as little as possible

Digital design is a broad discipline which crosses a range of skills and UI design draws much influence from a repeating patterns / learned behaviour approach. In the last year this has been dominated by the styles of the most popular mobile device companies, namely Apple with iOS8 and Google’s Material design. These comprehensive guidelines have, depending on your point of view, helped to raise the quality threshold for all UI design or started the decline of the importance of a professional designer’s role.

One night (user testing) in Paris

A night’s stay in Paris is probably at the top of many people’s mini-break lists, but last week I visited the world’s most romantic city with a very different agenda; to take part in a one day user-testing session with a new client.

Security as a service?

Recently I’ve stopped giving out my phone number online. I’m sure anyone with the slightest interest in online security would be horror-struck that I’d so easily give away a crucial piece of my identity, but in the past I’ve handed it over, dozens of times, and thought nothing of it.

Putting the rapid into rapid prototyping

Sometimes you can better explain an idea to someone if they can see it in action – this is where prototyping is a really strong tool. For testing ideas, demoing interactions to developers or pitching to clients, having a visual sat on screen or in your hand is a great way to get better results.

4 nights in Hong Kong

There are lots of things i didn’t know about Hong Kong before I went there. I had no idea for example that the airport runway is directly across the bay so it appears that you’re landing in the ocean until the moment you actually touch-down. I also didn’t know they’ve run out of building space so are now knocking down the old skyscrapers to build them up again, taller than before. I’d just arrived for a 4 day workshop, my first ever business trip abroad, in what would be a whirlwind week of new experiences.

Playing God(us)

Populous, Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper, all classic god-sim PC games I absolutely loved as younger, less bearded, child. So when I heard that the man behind those treasured memories was embarking on a Kickstarter campaign to launch “the regenesis of the God game”, I couldn’t enter by credit card details fast enough.